Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Heart Day Custom Mounting

I promised to show you how I mounted this stamp I took a few photos. I'm also VERY excited to tell you that Stampin' Up will be featuring this Happy Heart Day stamp set in their January Valentine Bundle Special ~ From Jan 2-31 when you purchase this stamp set , medium cello bags and 5/8" real red gg get a spool of 5/8" Regal Rose gg ribbon for FREE!!! That's a $7.95 value! What a deal!!
Okay...back to how I mounted my stamps...I custom mounted the elephant and mouse stamps to allow for more versatility. This has worked really well for me.
I separated the elephant stamp into three parts ~ 1) the elephant with one heart flower 2) the sentiment and 3) three heart flowers . I had a couple of spare wood blocks in my stash, so I just used those. Now I can use that darling elephant in everything from birthday cards to baby cards and much more. I love the cute little heart flowers too! I'm sure I'll be using those quite a bit.
The other stamp I custom mounted was the mouse (he's soooo cute, don't you just love him?). I separated the image from the sentiment and mounted the sentiment on the top of the wood block. Again, this allows me to use the mouse for a variety of occasions, not just for Valentine's day. I know you can accomplish the same thing with masking, but for me, this will be a lot quicker and easier. I made a card earlier this week in which the sentiment is stamped at an angle, along side the heart (you can see that card HERE)...which was a fun option too.

When I first started ordering from Stampin Up, I remember thinking it was such a pain to trim and mount my own stamps. But now...I wouldn't have it any other way. I really appreciate having the option to custom mount my stamps the way that will be most useful to me. Keep in mind, Stampin' Up recommends never trimming your stamps closer than 1/2" in diameter, so I was careful to not trim too close on the two sentiments I separated from the images.

I hope that might help you as you decide how to mount your Happy Heart Day Stamp's a great set and even better now that I can use it all year long!

Have a great evening = ) !


Nancy Riley said...

BRILLIANT idea, Nancy !!!! tfs!!!

Dawn Easton said...

GREAT idea to see if I have any extra blocks stamps still haven't arrived...hoping today is THE day ;)
Thanks for sharing your idea!

Jody said...

Thank you so much for this idea!

Tonya said...

You always come up with great ideas! Thank you times a million for ideas and inspiration!!

pescbrico said...

Thanks for sharing with us all!

Lori Craig said... I think I need to order that set...the elephant is too cute! Love your idea!

Britiney said...

Ok, I have my set mounted, everything EXCEPT the elephant. HOW did you get the sentiment off of that one? I'm too afraid to start cutting and so I've left him unmounted. Do you use an exacto knife?